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  1. Remote control: With wifi connectivity, you can use your smartphone or other internet-connected device to open or close your garage door remotely, from anywhere with an internet connection. This can be particularly helpful if you need to let someone into your garage while you're away from home.

  2. Security: Many wifi-enabled garage door openers come with additional security features, such as alerts that notify you when the garage door has been opened or closed. Some models also offer encryption to prevent hacking or unauthorized access to your garage.

  3. Convenience: Using a wifi-enabled garage door opener can be more convenient than traditional models that require you to carry a remote control. Instead, you can simply use your smartphone to open or close the door.

  4. Integration with smart home devices: Some garage door openers with wifi connectivity can be integrated with other smart home devices, such as voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, allowing you to control your garage door with your voice.

  5. Monitoring: Some garage door openers with wifi connectivity allow you to monitor the status of your garage door remotely, so you can check if it's open or closed even when you're not at home.

Overall, getting a new garage door opener with wifi can offer a range of benefits, including added convenience, security, and peace of mind.

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