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It is commonplace for homeowners and owners of vehicles to encounter problems regarding doors of garages. These might include issues where garage door does not go up and garage door does not go down. Most often, the proprietor or landowner is able to take care of the issues if these are minor through proper maintenance and care. However, a situation might arise when the problem is really grave requiring the homeowner to hire the services of a technician or a professional. Following are some common problems that generally occur with most garage doors.

Garage Door Closing or Opening Properly

Only homeowners and property managers know what they’ve go through when the garage door refuses to budge from its position, i.e. it neither goes up nor down. In most cases, the problem occurs due to an obstruction in the roller-spring caused by accumulated debris. Since weather most often plays spoilsport in such a scenario, owners must ascertain that the springs, chains and the wheels are well lubricated. If lubricating or aligning the wheels or springs does not solve the issue, then you might need to contact a technician.

Shimmying Doors

If the door waggles from one end to the other while you’re trying to open the same or close it, then it might be an indication of rubble or grime deposit in the wheels or tracks. In case, that does not resolve the issue, then check whether the chains or springs on each side of the mounted rack are working properly. If you still find the garage door not working, then chances are that the garage door motor might be dysfunctional.

Owners might also have to put up with issues of remote not functioning or garage door caving in while they attempt to lower it down. Despite homeowners taking appropriate upkeep measures, there’ll inevitably arise situations when they’ll need to engage professional help.    

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